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Igor and Ivan Buharov







Igor Buharov  (Kornél Szilágyi ) 1971




2011 -   2014      DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) Programme, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

2004 –  2010 Intermedia Department, Hungarian Academy of  Fine Arts, Budapest

1990 – 1992      Chef, Rózsa Károly Technical School for Catering


Artistic Cooperation

Since 2000        Member of Kaos Camping performance group

Since 1995          Member of film and performance group “40 Labor

Since 1994          Member of film and performing artist duo “Igor and Ivan Buharov




2007 – 2010    Board Member of Studio of Young Artists Association

1999 – Feature Film Directors Association member, part of the Hungarian Moving Picture Foundation

1997 – 2000     Board Member, Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association




2012 Jan. - April             Visegradian Found Residency Programm, Prague

2011 June                            Transit Artist in Residency, MQ Vienna

2009 September             Residency Open Space, Mezőszemere, Hungary

2008 July                            Residency, Artist Colony Miskolc, Hungary

2007 April - Aug.           Residency Programm, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin





Ivan Buharov (Nándor Hevesi)1974




2019 -  DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) Programme, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

1993 – 1997       Teacher of visual culture BA, EKTF Eger

2006 – 2007  Dharma Gate Buddhist University Budapest

2009 – 2010  Teacher of visual culture MA, EKTF Eger



2001 – Member of the Studio of Young Artists Association

1999 – Feature Film Directors Association member, part of the Hungarian Moving Picture Foundation

1997 – 2000     Board Member, Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association


Artistic Cooperation

Since 1995          Member of film and performance group “40 Labor

Since 1994          Member of film and performing artist duo “Igor and Ivan Buharov



2012 Jan. - April             Visegradian Found Residency Programm, Prague

2011 June                            Transit Artist in Residency, MQ Vienna

2009 September             Residency Open Space, Mezőszemere, Hungary

2008 July                            Residency, Artist Colony Miskolc, Hungary





It has been more than 19 years that I have been working together, under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov. We have been producing and directing several films.

(experimentals, features, shorts, documentaries, animations) We have also been involved in the creation of several music projects and film music. Our works always dancing on the edge of fine art and cinematic art. In 1995, together with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, we have formed the 40 LaborMultiartist” Group which made performances, events, actions, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia works. We held surrealistic audiovisual performances where the image, the music and the words became an organic whole after chaos.


A generation earlier, the Hungarian underground masters who influenced them were equally overlooked. There is an air of "self-censorship" about the Buharovs; in times of entrepreneurial globe-trotting art, they reflect an era when artists used film with the hope of reaching wide and nourishing the roots of their own culture. Vassily Bourikas


This audiovisual experiment can best be described as getting lost in someone else’s dream. The directors Igor and Ivan Buharov invite us to see the insides of their brains through various amusing and absurd story-lines.” Off-screen film festival Brussel


In the beginning we have started by using used expired raw material exploiting the organising element of the unintentional. For our films, we mainly use super 8 footage, then we blow it up to 35 mm for distribution use. We are also composing music for the soundtrack of our films.


We formed the Pop Ivan band in Budapest in 1998. Our music is characterised by a certain permeability between styles and atmospheres : one can discover in their works archaic Moldvan melodies, Latin rhythms, elements of the modern free-jazz and of contemporary compositions. At our performances we frequently use visual effects : the audience can watch super 8 or/and 16 mm films parallel to listening to the music of Pop Ivan. Our debut album was released in 2001 entitled Hospital Hungary, the second was was Dreamhunting in 2009. Since 2000 we have been giving concerts in Europe, have played in Belgium, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria the Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, and Georgia.




Igor and Ivan Buharov: Good opinion – Art book 2013, ISBN: 978-963-08-7366-6

Igor and Ivan Buharov: The decorative use of pain, Artzine by Buharovs, 2013, Madrid

Igor and Ivan Buharov: Slow mirror DVD distributed by Re:Voir Paris












You don't know who you TRUST? Smell and elect!

The smell doesn't lie!

We've solved the problems: SMELLECTION!



The choice by smell is one of our main primordial instincts. It is the most important criteria in the selection of someone’s couple, that we love each other’s smell. Why not to choose our politicians by their smell? This would be much more democratic than to judge after stock phrase promises. The SMELLECTION AUTOMAT gives and opportunity for smelling our politicians „by near” and to decide from our very true conviction at the parliamentary election.

In the distributor machine there are samples of smells from our actual political actors, so the consumer / constituent can smell that he or she is curious.

Let the smell decide!


 CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85





Participated to Manifesta 8





This film, inspired by the poem Rudderless (1971) by Hungarian poet István Domonkos (1940), is a modern epic,

a self-analysis of a person living in minority status in Yugoslavia in the early 1970s.

The film is a journey through the world, passing through different political and economic situations, both collective and private.





Short and Feature Films


Sunday / 5 min. / 1995

Monday / 6 min. / 1996

Metroul / 6 min. / 1996

Goodbye Mama! / 5 min. / 1997

Wake Up Mumu! / 6 min. / 1997

The Programme / 75 min. / 1998

Tales for Cruel People / 7 min. / 1999

Concern of One’s Fellow Man / 6 min. / 1999

The Triumph of Sympathy  / 75 min. / 2000

Hotel Tubu / 6 min. / 2002

Is the Killer Going to the Cemetery? / 8 min. / 2003

Oneheadword Protection / 7 min. / 2006

Slow Mirror / 84 min. / 2007

Stages of Birth / 7 min. / 2008

Mothmilk / 8 min. / 2009

Johnny and the goosies  / 6 min. / 2009

Rudderless / 30 min. / 2010

Sendero Mariposa / 7 min. / 2013

Meteorit Buddha / 11 min. / 2014

Idle Jackals / 5 min. / 2016

Most of the souls that live here / 90 min. / 2016

Infectious Courage / 6 min. / 2018

Untitled - Moving Skeletons / 8 min. / 2018

Land of warm waters / 80 min. / 2020







Trailer of Slow Mirror:




Documentary Films


You aren’t Asking Anyone These Days / 35 min. / 1999

Ultra-Rational Nomadic Person /40 min. / 2000 **

Music is the Soul of a Musician /37 min. / 2002

Diary of an Unknown Man / 52 min. / 2004 ***

Modern Romeo / 60 min. / 2006  *

Promenade – Portrait of Ernő Király  / 42 min. / 2009

Portrait of Katalin Ladik / 60 min. / 2015 *


*  Kornél Szilágyi aka Igor Buharov

** with Sára Cserhalmi

*** with Szabolcs Tolnai




Selected Exhibitions


Petőfi Cultural House / Győr / 1998

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm / Frankfurt (D) / 1999

Pool Gallery / Vienna (A) / 2004

Dinamó / Budapest (H) / 2004

Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST  / Vienna (A) / 2004    

Kunstpavillion  / Innsbruck (A) / 2005

Millenáris / Budapest  (H) /2005

Onomato / Köln (D) / 2006

Hattyúház / Pécs (H) / 2006

FKSE Gallery / Budapest (H) / 2007

Bethanien Kunstlerhaus  / Berlin (D) / 2007 / Infratentativ

FKSE Gallery / Budapest (H) / 2008

Kis Zsinagóga Gallery / Eger (H) / 2009

Miskolc Gallery / Miskolc  (H) / 2008

Bartók 32 Gallery / Budapest  (H) / 2009

Manifesta 8 / Murcia (E) / 2010 / Rudderless

Miskolci Galéria / Miskolc  (H) / 2011

SVIT Gallery / Praha (CZ) /2011 / “screening”

Shedhalle Museum and Gallery / Zürich (CH) / 2011 / “Dump Time”

Moravian Gallery / Brno (CZ) / 2011

FKSE Gallery / Budapest  (H)/ 2011

Tranzit Workshop / Bratislava (SK)/ 2011 / “The decorative use of pain”

Galerie 207 / Prague / 2012 (CZ)/ “Five days of misunderstanding”

Studio Gallery / Budapest (H)/ 2012 / Radiospective – Nuclear Art”

acb Gallery / Budapest / 2012 (H)/ “Patterns of time”

Arsenal Gallery / Bialystok (PL) / 2012 / “Rudderless”

Csepel / Budapest (H) / 2013 / “Hidden visions”

Kunsthalle Exnergasse / Wien  (A) / 2013 /  “Rudderless with live music”               

Brut / Wien (A) / 2013 / Smellection automat

MUMOK / Wien (A) / 2013 / “Changer d’Image

2bGallery / Budapest (H) / 2013 / “REVERIE”


Number Nine Gallery / Northampton (UK) / 2014 / “Boom Bang”

acb Gallery / Budapest (H) / 2014 / “EVERYTHING INCLUDED” / Bratislava (SK)/ 2015 / “Private nacionalism

ADAF2015 /Athens (GR) / 2015 / “Public spaces”

The school of Kyiv / Kyiv (UA) / 2015 / “Kyiv Biennal

Nová Kunsthalle / Zilina (SK) /2015 / “Fear. The Origin of the State”

open office of tranzit. Hu / Budapest (H) / 2015 / “Creativity Exercises – Spaces of Emancipatory Pedagogies”

MNAC / Bucharest (RO) / 2015 / “Dark Side Of Nature”

Galerie für Zeitgenössishe Kunst Leipzig / Leipzig (D) / 2016 / Politik der Form”

The school of Kyiv / Wien (A) / 2016 / “Department Vienna”

Public Foundation For Modern Art / Dunaújváros (H) / 2016 / Kapufa

Hungarian Fine Art University / Budapest (H) / 2017 / “DLADLA100”

Zönoteka / Berlin (D) / 2017 / Infectius Courage”

Documenta – 14 / Athens (GR) / 2017 / documenta 14 - Keimena film programm on Greek TV – Sound Cage – a portrait of Katalin Ladik

1. Sausaler Kunstbiennale / Sankt Andrä-Höch (A) / 2017

Art Encounters Biennial / Timisoara (RO) / 2017

Steirischer Herbst / Graz (A) / 2018 / “Eternal Intentionfield Tuning”

acb Gallery / Budapest (H) / 2019 / “Spiritual Civil Disobedience”

Irokéz Collection / Szombathely (H) / 2019 / “Spiritual Civil Disobedience” / Loutraki (GR) / 2019 / “WannaTry? – IASIS/ HEALING”

Warsawa Biennale / Warsaw (PL) / 2019 / Floraphilia


Selected performances


2019      - Örök Szándékmezőhangolás – Budapest,

2019      - Dieta – Berlin, Montag Modus Klimata

2018      - Eternal Intentionfield Tuning – Graz, Steirischer Herbst

2016      - Year Zero – Berlin, CHB

2014      - Inside the outside – Wien, Brut

2013      - The Memories of Commodity – Wien, Mumok

2012      - Gran Lux / Into the city – Wien, Wien Museum

2010      - Boycott Propaganda – Cologne, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

2009     - The Conspiracy – Dunaújváros, Institut for Contemporary Art

2009     - Matter of Perspective – Budapest, Kunsthalle






Budapest Independent Film Festival – Main Award / 1996

Budapest Independent Film Festival – Main Award / 1997

Cinematografico del Uruguay International Film Festival – Special Award / 1998

Budapest Independent Film Festival – Main Award / 1998

Hungarian Independent Film Festival Special Award / 1998

Open Film Festival –   Special Award / 1999

Hungarian Independent Film Festival Special Award / 2000

Mediawave International Film Festival – Special Award / 2000

Open Film Festival – Special Award / 2002

Hungarian Independent Film Festival Special Award / 2002

Alter-Native International Film Festival – Special Award / 2002

International Film Festival Novi Sad – Special Award / 2003

Open Film Festival – Special Award / 2004

Busho International Film Festival – Special Award / 2005

Hungarian Independent Film Festival Special Award / 2006

Hungarian Filmweek – Special Mention, Best Producer Award / 2007

Mediawave Film Festival – Best Experimental Feature Award / 2008

Milano Film Festival - Aprile Award and Special Mention / 2008

Hungarian Critics’ Award - Best Experimental Feature / 2009

Hungarian Independent Film Festival – Main Award / 2009

Budapest Independent Film Festival – Special Mention / 2011

Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid – Main Award / 2011

Palic International Film Festival – Erste Underground Spirit Award / 2013

L’Europe auteur L’Europe – Special Mention / 2016

Mediawave Film Festival – Special Mention / 2016

Hungarian Critics’ Award – Best Experimental Feature / 2017






























































































We have also founded the Kaos Camping Group with László Csáki, József Szolnoki and Csaba Vándor seven years ago. We often stage surrealistic audiovisual performances where text, image and sound become an organic environment audiovisual analogue matrix. We use 8- and 16-millimeter projectors to project images while a band or a Dj is playing live music. So far we have had about 50 shows in several places around Hungary as well as Europe. Please check the following urls for examples of Kaos Camping Group:



In 2007 I took part a residency program in the Bethanien Kuenstlerhaus of Berlin and I spent 4 month there, where I made several exhibitions.







Selected Projects and Works of Art


Turulkóla (Turul-Coke)



Hungarian nationalists like using the symbol of the ‘turul’ bird (mythical eagle of the ancient Hungarians) when holding a demonstration as well as on their coats of arms and sculptures. Therefore this bird as a symbol has gained a special meaning in the past few years in Hungary. ‘Turulkóla’, which is a fictitious product produced by László Csáki, József Szolnoki and me, is about this phenomenon.

We created a homepage advertising the product, where the descriptions claim that coke has Hungarian origins. We introduced three different kinds of free postcards (30 000 copies approximately) at different times. We are waiting for the investors...



Attack-preventive chess





This is a chessboard and chess-set made of glass illuminated from the bottom with two different colours. These colours determine the colour of the chess-pieces. When a dark chess-piece takes a light pawn for instance it immediately becomes light. The one that attacks loses a piece.



Autonomia State


The Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts was given the building of a kindergarten a few years ago. In the backyard there are two children’s sand pits, some trees and some grass. In April 2005 Tamás Blaha and I founded a 30-square-metre state called AUTONOMIA. The security video cameras of the department show the backyard as well. We chose the place of the state so that one of the cameras can record the whole of it. We show the picture of this camera in the only public building (i.e. a tent) in the state. Visitors (i.e. tourists) who peep into the building can see themselves peeping into the tent in the state. The smallest observed state.


Currency: auro

You can see the whole process at:











Searching for a Double


In 2006 I placed a photo advert in Hungary’s most popular magazine: “I am looking for my look a-like. Monthly salary. I only reply to letters with a photo. Please, send send a brief description on how you would substitute me, what you would do, what you think of this job.”

So far four people have replied to the advertisement, two men, a woman and a transvestite.




Some of the applicants:










HunD Link Project


is a virtual performance, which is realized at two different places - in Cologne and Győr – but in the same time. In course of the project is shown the vision of the German and Hungarian contemporary artists about the future through their music and the visual arts. The common language of the participant musicians is the improvisation, which, in this case, is not only the „free stream of the spirit”, but the artistic form language of „caring about each other”, and „cultural tolerance”, the means of cooperation based on different cultural roots.






Yours Faithfully:


Nándor Hevesi (Ivan Buharov)




Kornél Szilágyi (Igor Buharov)



Youtube channel of Buharovs